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Sea levels are rising faster than predicted in the past. By 2050, unless global warming is stopped and reversed, many island nations will cease to exist, being swallowed up by the oceans.


Along with losing hundreds of islands, the tropical zones of the earth are expanding toward the poles and the arid lands on the fringes of the tropics are growing wider.


Scientists have long predicted radical weather phenomena and we’re already seeing that in an increase in frequency and strength of typhoons and hurricanes. Moisture patterns driven by monsoons and El Nino  are shifting and morphing into new paths as their intensity grows and wanes.


This looming disaster is man-made and anything produced by mankind should be susceptible to modification or disassembly by mankind.


This can be done, however, new laws and regulations will have little or no effect on the forces of a rapidly growing environmental catastrophe.


Pumping 1.2 billion gallons of water a day from the ocean and into a new desert sea won’t, by itself, stop rising sea levels, but it will be a huge advance, a step forward on our fight against global warmig.

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