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The Sea of Tranquility 2.0 is a project to fill a desert basin with seawater creating an inland sea the size of Lake Victoria. The water will flow into the lake through twelve three-meter wide pipelines using gravity-flow.


Siphons have been used since Roman times to move large volumes of water without the use of any energy other than gravity.

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The Aqueduct of the Gier was built by the Romans in the second century and carried water 85 kilometers to Lyon, France, supplying the city with 24,000 cubic meters of water every day. It made use of 4 siphons to move the water and it was in use for almost 300 years. 

The Marked Tree Siphon constructed in 1939 on the St. Francis River in Arkansas,

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has been in continual use for over 80 years. Its 3 pipelines are 9 feet in diameter and 228 feet long.

The Malheur River Siphon in Oregon is an eighty-inch steel pipe running four and one-half miles.

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It has been in operation since 1940.

The Sea of Tranquility 2.0 siphon will be 260 miles long and consist of 12 nine-foot diameter pipes carrying 1.2 billion gallons of seawater a day.

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